About One Bric
We focus on capital preservation while delivering unparalleled risk-adjusted returns to our investors

One Bric was created to redefine alternative investments providing curated institutional-quality deals. Over time, our intuitive mobile platform allows investors to build a unique portfolio tailored to their needs and actively monitor their investments.


One Bric allows you to take control of your investments - anywhere, anytime

True Partnership
We co-invest alongside you in investment opportunities and always seek to align interests with all stakeholders
Authentic Transparency
Investors can review their positions and access all deal documentation from the mobile app - transparency is at the core of what we do
Best-in-Class Investments
We are constantly seeking new investment opportunities that can be deployed quickly remaining highly selective in the deals we pursue through in-depth analysis and research
Track Record
The team leading One Bric has vast experience in identifying, operating and successfully exiting alternative investments
Portfolio Diversification
Our bespoke investment solutions span the globe under a wide range of strategies in the alternative investments space
Active Monitoring
One Bric offers investors real-time investment analytics through the mobile application, ranging from transaction updates to cash flow stream
Download our mobile application
Get real-time updates on new opportunities. Actively monitor your portfolio. Stay tuned for investment updates. Access deal documentation.